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When was the last time you packed up your family and left the rat race of work and the pressing demands of everyday life behind?  Where did you go, who with and what memories do you have?  Hopefully you have done all of the above within the last year and if so, good for you!  Sadly, most of us just keep our noses to the grindstone, working and following the same routine as the years slip by us.

Listen.  I challenge you to start living by purpose!  Sit down with your family, look at the many places that you have wanted to see, set a budget of what you will need for a week’s time in that very destination, and then begin setting aside 1o% of that amount every month.  In 10 months you can be on the way to your dream vacation and building a great experience/memory with your family!  Purpose in your mind and by your actions that you will build a bank of memories, so when you are up in years you can fondly remember many adventures with your family.  Times of connection, caring, love and joyful living.


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  •  Money Saving Ideas

Do you like to have every detail for every day pre-planned or do you like to just jump in your car, head out for a destination, and take each day as it comes.  All of us fall somewhere along the continuem from the one extreme to the other.  If money is not an issue, then you can pretty much pick and choose each day of your vacation.  However, for the rest of us we can usually make our money go a lot further if we will spend some time online and/or with a travel agent investigating all our options for the destination we have in mind.

Factors which usually influence costs include where you are going,  the time of year you choose to go, the travel choices to the getaway (whether by car, plane, rental car, cruise, tour bus, etc), when you book your reservation(s) ie> last minute bookings for cruises usually get big discounts, and any ‘rewards’ from credit cards, clubs, employment, etc that you can use.